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10 Best Essential Oils For Women-And How To Choose And Use Them

Aromatherapy is the practice of therapeutic use of essential plant-based oils. Essential oils and aromatherapy have been used in the care of women for centuries.

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Essential oils can be utilized in a variety of ways, from topical treatments like imbuing lotions and serums to diffusers that disseminate aroma across a room to cleaning items for your house. That means there are numerous ways for women to incorporate them.

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Essential oils have arguably become a core component of any self-care routine. Besides flowing up the aroma from a diffuser, many are also now adding them to baths and massages to take full advantage of their relaxing aroma. And many beauty products online boast having essential oils as one of their ingredients.

How does aromatherapy work?

“Essential oils are quickly absorbed by smell receptors that are linked to the limbic system, which controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and stress,”.

“Each plant’s essence has a different chemical makeup that affects its smell, absorption, and effect.” There’s a lot to unpack with essential oils, though, and no two oils are exactly alike.

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Health benefits of essential oils?

  • They might help reduce anxiety. Several essential oils like orange and lavender have been shown to help people be a little less anxious. Worth noting: Some research has found that the perks only happen at the moment, like when you’re getting a massage.

  • They may ease headaches. Some smaller studies have found that people reported less headache pain after they applied peppermint and lavender essential oil to their skin. One study even found that there wasn’t a significant difference between using peppermint oil for reducing pain and taking acetaminophen (aka Tylenol).

  • They can make your sleep better. Lavender, in particular, has been shown to boost the ability to get to sleep and wake up feeling awesome.

  • They may reduce inflammation. Some essential oils might help ward off inflammation. Research on mice and in Petri dishes has found oils like lavender, thyme, and oregano may be good for this, but there still needs to be more studies done on humans.

  • They can give you an energy boost. Coffee is great and all, but a little peppermint can also help stimulate you, says. One small study found that men who used peppermint oil were able to perform better at the gym than those who didn’t.

  • They might help your stomach issues. Lemon in particular is good for combating things like nausea and vomiting. One study on pregnant women found that those who smelled lemon oil when they felt ill had quite less nausea and vomiting in the days afterward than women who didn’t.

10 Best Essential Oils For Women