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10 Books Every Introvert Should Read And Get To Understand More

Most introverts are seen as rebels because refuse to comply with things that don’t make sense to us.

If you’re an introvert, do you see the point of becoming famous? Especially being famous for being famous? Most probably not.

That doesn’t happen because you’re too shy to be in the spotlight, but because you don’t see the point of it. Is it not?

If you are one of the 30-50% of introverts trying to thrive in an extroverted culture, here are ten books that will give you the tools you need to succeed in your work, social, and love lives.

Book Recommendation

10 Books Every Introvert Should Read

1.Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking

Our lives are driven by a fact that most of us can't name and don't understand. It defines who our friends and lovers are, which careers we choose, and whether we blush when we're embarrassed.

That fact is whether we're an introvert or an extrovert. The most fundamental dimension of personality, at least a third of us are introverts, and yet shyness, sensitivity and seriousness are often seen as a negative. Some of the world's most talented people are introverts - without them we wouldn't have the Apple computer, the theory of relativity and Van Gogh's sunflowers.

In Quiet, Susan Cain shows how society misunderstands and undervalues introverts while giving them the tools to better understand themselves and take full advantage of their strengths. Passionately argued, superbly researched, and filled with real stories, whether an introvert or extrovert, this book will change how you see human beings for good.

2. Thinking, Fast and Slow

That masterpiece is Thinking, Fast and Slow' Financial TimesWhy is there more chance we'll believe something if it's in a bold type face? Why are judges more likely to deny parole before lunch? Why do we assume a good-looking person will be more competent? The answer lies in the two ways we make choices: fast, intuitive thinking, and slow, rational thinking.

This book reveals how our minds are tripped up by error and prejudice (even when we think we are being logical), and gives you practical techniques for slower, smarter thinking. It will enable to you make better decisions at work, at home, and in everything you do.

3. The Introvert's Edge : How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone