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6 Zero Waste Makeup Cosmetics Brands In India

Commercial makeup is filled with lots of things we consider junk, including chemicals, preservatives, and other things you don’t want on or in your body.

Especially since there are a growing number of excellent eco-friendly makeup brands offering healthy alternatives.

With an abundance of zero-waste makeup on Amazon, picking a favorite is like performing perfectly symmetrical eyeliner.

6 Zero Waste Makeup Cosmetics Brands In India

1. Raw Beauty Wellness

Raw Beauty is a Jalandhar-based indie body care brand started by Sunaina. She makes some amazingly effective natural formulations for skin, hair, and the body.

All the products are packaged in glass jars and bottles. Also, the products are shipped covered in newspapers instead of plastic bubble wrap.

2. Earth Rhythm

Earth Rhythm is India's 1st homegrown brand for smart and safe skincare. Visit and order today for the best skincare cosmetics by EarthRhythm.

Earth Rhythm offers products that are certified organic and natural. We have a wide collection of products that include skin, beauty, personal care and more .They also have some zero waste product accessories like reusable cotton pads, toothbrushes etc. which can help make your beauty routine more sustainable.

3. Vilvah

Vilvah Store is a sustainable skincare brand, which makes skincare and haircare goodies with safe and effective high performance formulation.