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How to Create Your Dream Gallery Wall According To Your Preference

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Turning a blank wall into the perfect gallery wall can be a daunting task. From selecting the artwork to framing to layout – there can be so many factors to consider.

Now, there isn't really a right or wrong way to hang a gallery wall - after all, your wall art should be a beautiful and fun way to express your style!

Create Your Dream Gallery Wall

1. The Minimalist

Minimalist gallery walls are clean, elegant, and can add a sense of peace and calm to any space. They draw attention to a single accent piece or a complementary pair of posters.

For those who join us in the desire to create calm, we’ve put together our favorite minimalist interior design tips, including ideas courtesy of our community.

The Minimalist Layout
The Minimalist Layout

Tips for Creating The Minimalist Layout

  • Number of Prints: Use a smaller number of prints – a perfect pair or trio.

  • White Space: For a clean, minimal look, choose prints with a larger area of white or "negative" space

  • Color: Try using a subdued or even monochrome color palette - with such a limited number of prints, color clashes will be quite visible. Using only black and white prints can be both elegant and dramatic.

2. The Grid