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The Digital Age of Marketing & Technology Can Help Marketers

Trends and strategies related to digital marketing are evolving with time. Currently, a lot of businesses are using digital platforms to gain as much as possible (because most consumers have shifted to online platforms to gain information or buy a product or service). So, to succeed in this current scenario, a marketer needs to have a strategic plan to use digital platforms.

The buyer’s relationship with both the dealer and the manufacturer would typically dissipate after the purchase. Consumers today are promiscuous in their brand relationships: they connect with a plethora of brands through new media channels beyond the manufacturer's and retailer's control or even knowledge—and evaluate a shifting array of them, frequently expanding the pool before narrowing it.

After purchase, these consumers may remain aggressively engaged, publicly promoting or assailing the products they’ve bought, collaborating in the brands’ development, and challenging and shaping their meaning.

The Digital Age of Marketing: Staying Relevant

The Digital Age of Marketing
The Digital Age of Marketing

1. Deliver a converged media experience.

Consumers expect a quick and seamless experience as they move through all of the digital marketing touchpoints. This includes expected, earned, paid, and owned media content. Utilizing online resources such as Radian6 can help with scanning the web’s social media channels for consumer conversation regarding your brand. Also, taking advantage of social collaboration tools such as Chatter helps deliver quick and converged media delivery. So where is the value in all this? Using social tools can help with measuring which social media channels are the most effective for targeting the demographic that is most relevant to your brand.

Introduction To Digital Marketing

2. Collaborate among different departments

It is vital to recognize the need for collaboration and synergism among marketers and information systems specialists. With the exponential growth of data accessibility, it has become easy to obtain information, but it is the value added to that which makes the difference. The value is the benefit placed upon the information, and the difference is the consumer’s ability to see it and their choice to interact with it. Marketing in the digital age is a team sport. Instill an environment that values open communication amongst department specialists. Interaction creates innovation.

The Understanding of a cross-channel digital marketing strategy

3. Use visual-based content.

It is a golden standard that search engine optimization and pay-per-click are sufficient means of creating organic growth and increasing traffic to your site. However, aesthetically pleasing visual content also holds weight in capturing the audience and improving the customer experience! Apply graphics, photos, and videos to your posts for a digital experience that creates a fun and enjoyable environment for customers. Leave your audience wanting more. A decreased bounce rate is just as beneficial as it is great for your business’ webpage.