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7 Tools to Find Trending Topics Online

When trying to find out what's trending online, you might initially approach toward Twitter or google. here are 7 additional tools to find trending topics online.

There is so much to write but one simple question is what to write.

As marketers, we find it especially useful to know the most popular topics that people are discussing online to help us create better content for our audiences.

We can keep up with what opinion people are saying and share our take on emerging topics.

As a digital content writer, it is important to write on topics my audience looking for and how well I'm able to answer the question by the audience, and how to make my content more and more engaging.

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Here are 7 Tools to Find Trending Topics Online

7 Tools to Find Trending Topics Online
7 Tools to Find Trending Topics Online

1. Google Trends

Google Trends can help you find trending searches and the most popular searches in a wide range of categories.

You can search by region for a specific topic or find the recently trending searches.

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The good thing about Google Trends is that the information is based directly on search, which delivers it great for getting up with organic traffic-driving content.

2. Quora

Quora provides its members with personalized information feeds while encouraging them to answer questions in their areas of expertise.

You can browse the Top Stories feed on your home page to see some of the most popular Quora content.

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