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How To Define Your Ideal Customer Profile And Why You Should Use It

For businesses of any size, building an outbound sales strategy can be tough to accomplish. And one of the toughest questions is who you should be trying to sell to in the first place. Get that wrong, and everything else looks harder. Check Out

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Understanding and defining your ideal customer profile is an essential step in the marketing process for any business. After all, if you don’t know the characteristics of your target customer, how can you come up with a clear marketing strategy?

In defining your customer profile, you’ll be able to understand your customer's wants and needs. It will help you to provide better support, anticipate problems with your software, and rise above your competition.

How To Define Your Ideal Customer Profile And Why You Should Use It

What is a customer profile?

First of all, we need to define “customer profile.” A customer profile is essentially a description of a “type” of the customer. Your ideal customer profile (or ICP) should tell you the basics about the ideal users of your service.

This can include a wide range of customer characteristics, including demographics like age, business objective, and geographical location, as well as more personal factors like interests, lifestyle, family, and so on.

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Your ideal customer profile is made of two main categories of information about your best potential customers:

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– Demographics, which is factual data: how old are they? how much money are they making? where do they live? what do they do for a living? are they married? have kids? etc?

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– Psychographics, which is information about their attitudes and aspirations: what do they do for fun? where do they travel to? where do they wish they could on their next holiday? where do they shop? what do they do in their free time? what movies/shows/bands influence them? what do they wear? etc.