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Why You should Read How to Make it Happen by Maria Hatzistefanis

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hatzistefanis started her career as a beauty writer before receiving an MBA from Columbia Business School and briefly working in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers, first in New York and then London.

How To Make It Happen, Maria explains how she set up a successful business, with smart, practical advice we can all apply to our own lives.

We can say she is a perfect business person by the title of the book itself. The title attracted my attention and motivated me to take a look. And the book does contain tips she must have followed and is well defined.

Lesson From Book-How to Make it Happen by Maria Hatzistefanis

1. Write Down Your Goals And Break Down

Write down your personal and professional goals on a piece of paper. Start with the big picture. Be specific, be clear and be realistic. Making clear and simple goals that are achievable is the key to running a successful business.

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Goals are much more achievable when you have broken them down is easier to realize how to get to the bigger picture one step at a time. Taking the time to really plan them out will also provide you with daily motivation.

2. Remind Yourself About Your Goals And Don’t Set Yourself Up To Fail

Keeping a summary of your goals on a small piece of paper and carrying it around with you will allow you to remind yourself of them as often as you need.

Productivity Tips: Stop Planning And Start Doing

In the beginning, making progress will mean you stick with them long-term. It’s important not to set yourself up to fail, but always remember to dream big. Look at what you need to achieve your goals, and don’t be afraid of the bigger picture. Instead, focus on the smaller steps you need to take.

3. Start Small And Review Your Progress

Planning makes work simpler and, also breaking big