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How to Spy on Competitors? 9 Tools & Hacks

If you want to spy on the competition you have to know who to spy on. Probably you know many competitors who offer similar services but you might be surprised how many products and tools exist out there. You can visit and check who’s listed as an alternative to your product.

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Quora is a popular website that contains answers to thousands of questions including “who is the best provider of”, “what are alternatives to ” and alike. It’s a great way to find out what products people describe or advertise there. You can also get involved in discussions and promote your company.

Ask your potential or existing customers about companies that they consider your competition. Visiting all your users and asking them personally sounds like fun and company-paid traveling but your boss might be not enthusiastic about it.

How To Spy On Competitors Marketing Strategies

If you want to ask your visitors about the competition you can launch an on-site survey and collect their answers.‍ Use widgets to run a post-purchase survey to ask customers which competitors they considered and why they decided to choose you.

How to Spy on Competitors? 9 Tools & Hacks

1. Subscribe to Newsletter and Social Media

Follow all competitors you know on social media, sign up for newsletters, and observe their blogs. Companies announce new features and publish product updates and other news that can give you some insight into what they’re doing and what they’re about to do.

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Social-searcher shows you all the social media activity of any chosen company. Easily check their activities on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and more. Discover competitors’ weak sides and don't miss a unique opportunity to turn their failures into your wins. You can monitor all web mentions plus 10 popular social networks for the price of a coffee cup with Social Searcher.

2. Spy On Brands

Let’s move to a bit more advanced form of spying on competition – monitoring brands. The companies show you what they do and what they say but not what people say about them. We’re living in the era of sharing every scrap of information and experience so people share their views on companies.

The support team failed to solve a problem quickly? You’ll read about it on social media and that’s exactly what you want to know about. Highlight the weaknesses of your compet