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Effective Book Reading Routine And Tips To Make It Habit

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

If you asked me about a book before 2020 I would say Nah! that's not my interest but, now I can recommend everyone must-read.

Book Recommendation Everyone Should Read In 2020

So, here I'm sharing my reading journey and tips.

How I changed my attitude towards reading

I remember telling people how you guys sit and read a book and get into it that you forget everything around.

End of 2019 I was very active in reading and following lifestyle and productivity content online and YouTube.

And I heard everyone talk reading is the best habit to understand things and gain knowledge.

So, in 2020 I decided to read a book monthly and follow this habit strictly and this habit changed my mindset.

It's not about reading something related to science or getting knowledge it all about creativity when I started reading I understood how much time and dedication needs to write a book.

Why and what for do I read?

1. Firstly, It's now part of my routine that I take very seriously and make sure to read 20 pages at least in a day. This helps in concentration and social media break.

2. Secondly, I enjoy discovering new things. I like learning, growing, and changing. Books give us an incredible opportunity to see their world through their eyes, to learn, and to think about new things, as well as to reconsider our views and beliefs.

3. Thirdly, reading calms me down. Spending ten minutes with a book means ten minutes without thinking about anything pure silence and mainly my time. For me, even this short reading break is enough to make my day much better.