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35 Places You Can Promote Your Business & Blog For Free

When it comes to promoting your business and blog, It's important to plan and strategize better than spending bucks.

It's not about spending time and money on a paid platform, there are so many media we can use for promoting our business and blog.

And I bet you these platforms give us the best result as paid platforms and we built our entire business utilizing social media.

Before you start promoting your online marketing business, you have to make a powerful marketing strategy.

Here are 35 places you can promote your business & blog


1. Facebook Page

2. Facebook Groups

3. Facebook Live

4. Facebook Stories

5. Facebook Page Stories

6. Facebook Messenger Stories

7. Facebook Messenger Bots

8. Facebook Watch Parties

9. Facebook Events


10. Pinterest

11. Pinterest Communities

12. Pinterest Tribes

13. Pinterest Group Boards


14. Instagram Posts

15. Instagram Stories

16. Instagram Live