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Productivity Things To Do On Sunday For Productive Week Ahead

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I bet you all will be agree if I say no plan leads to unproductive at least this happened to me.

Last week, I went to my parents after two years because of schedule and all hell of reason and after spending two weeks with parents and lots of amazing food my body lead to food coma.

Here, I'm back to my rented apartment lying on the bed, ordering food, sleeping, watching random YouTube, listening to BTS everything except some work.

Productivity Tips: Stop Planning And Start Doing

Then suddenly saw my 2021 list of things to achieve then after lots of self-talk and motivation here I'm doing a reset and planning on Sunday for a productive week ahead.

How To Organize And Set Up My Productive Workspace

Here are the steps to reset my whole routine and plan for a productive week

For me productivity means both work and self-development also, self-care

How To Plan And Create Social Media Schedule And Strategy

Self Care Sunday

Self-Care: 7 Techniques to Take Better Care of Yourself

  1. Create a morning routine

  2. Do the laundry and fold and put away your laundry

  3. Clean the bathroom and kitchen

  4. Weekly meal plan and grocery shopping

  5. Do Hair mask and face mask