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Time Management Tips: How I Really Manage My Time Efficiently

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Time Management is something that directly depends on the mindset towards excitement and your priority.

Everyone has the same number of hours and, it's all about how you want to plan and organize.

Here are few time management tips you can better manage your time

1. Planning

Planning is the initial step to know all things that need to do. I prefer taking time on Sunday evening and write down all my appointments, deadline, and meetings.

Now I use my weekly and daily planner to get dedicate my work.

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A weekly planner helps me to work on my schedule well and a daily planner makes me countable.

2. Prioritization

It's important to know what is the priority of work that needs to be done in the given time.

Writing all my to-do list helps me to schedule them according to the urgency of the work.

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3.Batch Similar Tasks Together

For related work, batch them together.

For example, making my bed, watering plants, bath, and getting ready for the day can be batch in the one-time slot so, I don't need to get up from my desk again and again.

4.Eliminate Your Time Wasters in 1 Hour

When it comes to social media everyone gets distracted but I don't want to say don't use social media at all.