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You Will Be Thankful - Tips About KEYSTONE HABITS You Need To Know

What Are Your Keystone Habits?

Keystone habits are “small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.”- according to Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit.

“keystone” is the stone that sits directly in the center of a turn and helps to link all of the other stones in place while bearing the least amount of weight.

If someone were to remove the keystone, the turn would fall apart, as this stone is a fundamental part of the whole system. Likewise, a keystone habit is a fundamental part of any healthy habit routine.

5 Keystone Habits that Can Change Your Life

1. Exercise

First of all, you would lose some weight, which may then inspire you to start exercising. After a little bit of time, you would notice that you have a lot more energy and you feel less bloated or full all the time, which would help you become more productive at work.

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If you’re eating whole foods at home, you will start to see your weekly costs go down, so you may be able to start saving some money.

You will notice that your skin looks healthfully, which might force you to make a habit of taking better care of your skin.

2. Sleep

“When we are sleep deprived, our focus, attention, and vigilance drift, making it more difficult to receive information.

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Without adequate sleep and rest, over-worked neurons can no longer function to coordinate information properly, and we lose our ability to access previously learned information.”

Your quality of sleep could also have a profound impact on your productivity and happiness.

Also, people who sleep poorly struggle to learn more, retain information, and make better decisions.

3. Make Your Bed