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  • How And Why To Do An SEO Competitor Analysis

    SEO competitive analysis involves researching the links, keywords, content, and more of your SEO competitors to reverse engineer the most successful elements of these tactics into your SEO strategy. Many businesses take competitor analysis for granted, thinking that they have done the best they can in their SEO efforts. There is always something that can be improved to get better results and stay ahead of the competition. Read More About SEO Competition is a healthy part of the business. Monitoring and trying to better your direct competitors is what keeps firms sharp. It encourages innovation, prevents complacency, and offers inspiration to improve. How To Performing SEO Competitor Analysis Your niche, your target customers, and your overall business goals will all have an impact on the shape of the process. SEO competitor analysis works as a powerful research strategy in helping you to rank higher, get more traffic, and earn more conversions. Its magic happens by uncovering SEO opportunities you may not have seen otherwise. Competitor analysis helps successfully answer questions like: Who are my actual SEO competitors? What keywords should I target? What topics should I cover? Where can I find links? What do I need to beat the competition? 1. Identify Your True Competitors You need to research thoroughly and accurately in the process of discovering your SEO competition in your SEO analysis. This involves doing SEO comparison and research on multiple keywords and taking note of the top 10 or 20 websites that appear consistently for all of them. You probably have a pretty good idea of who your direct business competitors are. To generate target keywords, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Building a customer persona is a good way to do this. It will help you work out the topics that your customers will be interested in. Testing out the viability of those keywords can be as simple as looking into a tool like the Google Keyword Planner. That will give you details like the search volume for each keyword and how competitive the keyword is. From there you can decide which keywords will deliver the best ROI. They are the ones that you should look to target. The pages and companies listed there are your main competitors for those keywords. The pages ranked most highly on that first SERP are your biggest rivals. That means the pages in the top three positions or the coveted ‘position zero’ if there is one. There are also some competitor analysis tools that you can use to get an accurate picture of your competition. SpyFu, for example, lets you input your domain or a target keyword and then produces a list of competing sites and pages. 2. Competitor Keyword Analysis This stage of your competitor SEO analysis is where you find keywords on a competitor’s site that they are ranking for and your site is not. The Ahrefs competitor analysis tool has a specific feature called Content Gap to identify keywords that rank for specific domains you specify. There are three main elements to competitor keyword analysis. There is the analysis of the difficulty involved in challenging competitors to rank for different keywords. Identification of keywords that your rivals rank for, but don’t. That is often known as Keyword Gap Analysis. There is then also the process of identifying useful keywords that both your and your competitors have overlooked. These keywords will be easier to rank for but may still deliver notable results when it comes to organic traffic. That makes them very interesting from an ROI point of view. A competitor backlink analysis involves looking at which sites are linking back to their content and how it is affecting their domain rank and authority. You can look at these qualities from a competitor’s backlinks: • Number of backlinks • Domain authority of linked sites • Relevancy of linked content There is no way to get this information manually, so you will once again want to lean on an SEO analysis tool. In this case, your best bet may be the Link Explorer tool from Moz. 3. Content Analysis You will also want to look at your competitors’ pages and their content to evaluate on-page factors. Google is all about the content being genuinely useful to readers and providing them with real answers to their questions. Lengthy articles that get to grips with a subject are better than short, vague pieces of content. You need to read your competitors’ content and make a subjective assessment. You can then compare the quality of the content with your own. That will give you an idea of if and how your content needs to be improved. 4. Social Media & Customer Interaction Analysis Google also views user experience as an important ranking factor. They tend to rate sites that are easier to navigate higher than others. They also like sites to be accessible to as many different users as possible. That means users on their phones, tablets, laptop, and desktop. Good competitor analysis will identify and assess how rival sites perform in these areas. If highly ranked competitors outdo you on user experience, that’s a definite area for you to improve. If their user experience isn’t top-notch but they still rank highly, it’s an area where you might make significant gains on them.

  • Your Key To Success: 5 Laws Of Life To Learn

    What will you find meaningful at the end of your life when you look back and you say, Wow, I’ve lived my life. These were the things I found meaningful. These were the things I was happy about. This was what I had pride in, having become this type of person. 5 Laws Of Life To Learn 1. Murphy Law If it can't go wrong, it's going to go wrong anyway. That is the basic premise of Murphy's Law. Another accurate and original interpretation of Murphy's Law is that if there are two or three ways to do it, and one of those ways will lead to tragedy, someone must do it. In reality, we are the ones who give Murphy's Law relevance. When life goes well, it's a little bit of it. After all, we expect things to work out for us. But when things go wrong, we're looking for a reason. It's food for thought, but there's no evidence to support Murphy's Law itself — it's all down to perception. The law has captured our imagination. The idea at the heart of Murphy's Law if anything could go wrong, it would have been around for a long, long time. It reflects the basic discouragement of life that many people point to and find comfort in when things just don't go their way. How To Apply Murphy Law The following steps will allow you to predict the outcome, and because you are initiating the event, you also know when it will occur. As you go through the steps, your confidence will increase thanks to your application of Murphy's Law. Step 1: Butter a piece of toast. Step 2: Think of two or more things that could happen if you dropped it. Step 3: Drop the toast. Step 4: Say "Hmm, I thought that would happen", and allow a smile to spread across your face. You are in control! 2. Walson's Law In our efforts to improve our professional skills, we often lose sight of another important thing: information. Many people do things better than you, not because they are more capable than you, but because they have more information than you. American entrepreneur S.M. Walson once put forward a rule: Put information and intelligence first, and money will come rolling in. In Florence USA, two young men named John and Harry began working in a vegetable trading company at the same time. Three months later, John was promoted to team leader with his salary doubled, and Harry was still in the same position. Very dissatisfied, Harry questioned his boss. His boss answered, “Now our company is ready to order a batch of potatoes, go and have a look.” Harry hurried back half an hour later to report that potatoes were sold in the Wholesale Vegetable Centre. The boss stopped him and called John over. John said methodically, "There are three potato sellers in the Wholesale Vegetable Center 20 kilometers away. Two of them charge $0.9 per half-kilo and the other charges $0.8 per half-kilo. By comparison, I found that the potatoes with $0.8 per half-kilo were not only cheaper but also of better quality." A person who knows the real-time dynamics of the market and holds information without going out to inquire has won without competition. If you want to seize opportunities, learn to find them first. If you get information before anyone else and act quickly, it's hard not to succeed. 3. Falkland's law Falkland's Law says When there is no need to make a decision, Don't make a decision. 4. Gilbert's law Gilbert’s Secret Rules of Business Success. They have been derived from a lifetime of trial and error. Show up on time. You might think this to be humorous or facetious. But, as your career goes on, you will find there are a lot of people who cannot do this. Their plane is always late, they pick up the phone before the big meeting, they can’t meet a deadline. 90% of meetings start late. When your colleagues and bosses know that you will show up when promised, they will have confidence in you, and begin to trust you. Do what you are asked to do. Don’t do what you think ought to be required. Don’t add pages of data to prove your point. Summarize the data so your boss doesn’t have to. 5. Kidlin's Law Kidlin's law states if you have a problem to overcome or solve that writing it out in front of you means you’re already halfway done! As much as I hated doing it in school there might’ve been a reason we were asked to have a planner every year By writing things down you are actively taking a step in the direction of completing a goal. After that, it’s just a matter of the human brain taking over. Because for most people once something is started, we don’t stop till it’s finished. More Related Posts On top of that by writing things down you no longer have to worry about remembering them or keeping track of them all throughout the day. As silly as it sounds it gives your mind more space to process more information and do things without worrying about what’s on the back burner. It also helps you stay organized and consistent with setting goals that you can later say you successfully completed. Which is huge in building confidence and trust in yourself. Something people sometimes don’t even know they struggle with.

  • What Is 10 Secrets OF Most Productive People And How Does It Work?

    Productivity secrets of successful people will make you reevaluate your approach to your home, work, and creative lives. More Productivity Posts Learn from these highly successful people’s personal development skills, turn these skills into your daily habits and you’ll get closer to success. Here Are 10 Secrets OF Most Productive People 1. They focus on minutes, not hours. Average performers default to hours and half-hour blocks on their calendar. Highly successful people know there are 1,440 minutes in every day and there is nothing more valuable than time. Money can be lost and made again, but time spent can never be reclaimed. 2. They focus only on one thing. Ultra productive people know their Most Important Task (MIT) and work on it for one to two hours each morning, without interruptions. “Invest the first part of your day working on your number one priority that will help build your business.” What task will have the biggest impact on reaching your goal? What accomplishment will get you promoted at work? 3. They beat procrastination with time travel. What can you do now to make sure your future self does the right thing? Anticipate how you will self-sabotage in the future, and come up with a solution to defeat your future self. 4. They make it home for dinner. There is always more to be done, more that should be done, always more than can be done.” Highly successful people know what they value in life. Yes, work, but also what else they value. Must Read Productivity Books There is no right answer, but for many, values include: family time, exercise, giving back. They consciously allocate their 1,440 minutes a day to each area they value and then they stick to the schedule. 5. They process email only a few times a day. Ultra-productive people don’t “check” email throughout the day. They don’t respond to each vibration or ding to see who has intruded their inbox. Instead, like everything else, they schedule time to process their email quickly and efficiently. For some that’s only once a day, for me, it’s morning, noon and night. 6. They follow the 80/20 rule. The Pareto Principle, in most cases 80% of outcomes come from only 20% of activities. Ultra-productive people know which activities drive the greatest results, and focus on those and ignore the rest. 7. Break the day into 15-minute intervals. Think of each unit of productive time (15 minutes) as being smaller, and that perception makes us aware of everything we can accomplish in a shorter time window. We no longer think we need an entire hour to complete a given task or project. We start to appreciate how much we can accomplish in a quarter of the time. 8. Learn to say “no.” If you’re overcommitted, you’re going to have a hard time keeping up with all of your obligations – at home and at your job. Worse, you’ll start to lose perspective concerning which obligations should receive a higher priority than others. This is the constant dilemma of folks who can’t say “no” to others. They end up getting recruited for more tasks and projects than they can handle. Eventually, things start to fall through the cracks, and their productivity plummets. 9. Always have an agenda and stick with it. This is excellent advice for any type of meeting, whether with a client, your departmental team, or a board of directors. Rather than other ideas, and seeing where they lead, create and stick to an agenda. 10. Focus on what you are accomplishing. When it comes to productivity, we’re hardwired to measure the success of our efforts according to the passage of time. We glance at the clock to gauge whether we’re on track. We mentally note the amount of time we have left to work on the project in front of us. Don’t give up and think that it’s impossible for you to be productive when one method fails. Try different methods until you find what works perfectly for you.

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All terms refer to the offer, acceptance, and consideration of payment necessary to undertake the process of our assistance to the Client in the most appropriate manner for the express purpose of meeting the Client’s needs in respect of the provision of the Company’s stated services, in accordance with and subject to, prevailing law of Netherlands. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to the same. ​ Cookies ​ We employ the use of cookies. By accessing nupurandworld, you agreed to use cookies in agreement with the nupurandworld's Privacy Policy. Most interactive websites use cookies to let us retrieve the user’s details for each visit. Cookies are used by our website to enable the functionality of certain areas to make it easier for people visiting our website. Some of our affiliate/advertising partners may also use cookies. 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